One Roof PLUS is a holistic entrepreneurship support program dedicated to early stage female entrepreneurs. The program provides world class entrepreneurship training to help you refine and accelerate the growth of your business venture while also giving you access to an inspiring and supportive network of female entrepreneurs and facilitated introductions to investors. 

A BIG thank you to Pickford Media for filming the program and capturing the great moments! 


Application due: Friday 16 December 2016

Intensive Bootcamp Weekend: Friday 10 - Sunday 12 February 2017

3-month access to One Roof co-working space: February - April 2017

Regular fortnightly accountability & check in sessions

Mock board meeting session with experts: Thursday evening 9 March 2017

Pitch Practice: Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Expert Session: Thursday evening 6 April 2017

Closing Dinner with investors: Thursday evening, 27 April 2017

PRICING: $1500 + GST


While co-working, accelerators and incubators are rapidly growing trends to support the growth of businesses and start-ups, they still unfortunately fail to cater to the unique needs of female entrepreneurs. Existing programs that make up the startup ecosystem are predominantly run and participated in by men. 

More women are starting businesses in Australia with 1 in 4 startups founded by women (up from 1 in 6 in 2011), but few are actually scaling - 93% of Australian women business operators are working in small business and less than 5% of venture capital backed companies are women led. Women need ongoing support at the critical early stages to build strong, sustainable businesses. 

Rather than continually attempting to fit women into a male paradigm One Roof PLUS is about creating something completely new and tailored.


Female Centric: Run by female entrepreneurs to support female entrepreneurs. 

Holistic: Integrates the 3 key components of mind, body and business. 

Peer Review: Globally recognised, tried & tested peer review curriculum.

Experienced experts: We have forged an impressive global network of mentors.

Investment introductions: Connect you to potential investment opportunities. 

Office space: 3-months access to One Roof, the hub for female entrepreneurs


We are looking for early stage women-led ventures. You must have a proof of concept and be able to demonstrate a proven need in the market for your venture. This means you already have customers and clear revenue streams. We are open to all industries and business structures. You do not have to be a tech start up. Most importantly you need to be committed to and serious about your venture. 


Sheree Rubinstein, co-founder and CEO of One Roof, is an expert in curating spaces and communities that nurture and inspire female entrepreneurs in Australia and the USA. One Roof has expanded to 3 cities, engaged 10,000 women and hosted 300+ educational workshops. 

Kaitlin Tait, co-founder of Spark* International and General Manager of Impact for YGAP, runs a female focused accelerator, SHE by Spark*, and has accelerated 225 entrepreneurs across 5 countries and helped 90% of them double their revenue and impact, improving the lives of more than 155,000 people living in poverty.

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One Roof PLUS kicked off with a 3-day intensive bootcamp focused on key areas of both business and personal growth including leadership, sales, building and growing a team, marketing, pitching, communicating your founders story, financial modelling, and capital raising. We are currently working with 8 female founders across a range of industries including education, coaching, wellness, health, travel and cyber security. Our entrepreneurs finished the bootcamp feeling challenged, excited and exhausted. Following the bootcamp our entrepreneurs have enjoyed access to One Roof office space and all the benefits of being a One Roof member. During our accountability check in sessions they update the group on their challenges, findings and goals. The mock board meeting session was both challenging and hugely beneficial for our entrepreneurs where they had an opportunity to seek advice and support from experts across the start up, corporate and investor communities. They are getting excited and prepared to pitch to a room of investors followed by an intimately curated investor dinner.


“The One Roof PLUS program completely exceeded my expectations. The skills & knowledge I took from the content has reshaped my focus and made me a smarter entrepreneur. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to take bigger steps & make their idea a reality
— Lauren Brown, Founder of Nanager
This sort of intensive challenging of thoughts, learning new skills & collaboration with other fabulous women entrepreneurs - is exactly what I needed. I expanded my thinking, defined where I need to be & had an explosion of ideas which has shifted my thinking. I am pumped to report back what my business has achieved at the end of the three months
— Priya George, Director of National Cybersecurity Institute
Having just started the One Roof PLUS program, it’s unbelievable how much clearer the steps are that I need to take to get more customers & take this business to the next level. The support I’m getting is going to mean I can achieve my business goals so much sooner than if I was working on this at home in isolation as I was doing before
— Susie Hopkins, Founder of THRIVE Service for Wellbeing
I appreciated the focus that a structured program gave me, forcing me to answer questions I may have been avoiding & getting confidence by saying & repeating my pitch in front of a supportive yet critical audience
— Jen Fein, Founder of YouLi



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