A Business Immersion Program in the Startup Ecosystem

The One Roof Immersion Program offers innovative businesses the opportunity to work offsite with their employees for the day at One Roof. According to Harvard Business Review "employees thrive in co-working spaces and spending time away from the office at a co-working space can spark new and innovative ideas." This program invites employees to work in a creative environment and in close proximity to the startup ecosystem with a particular focus on women-led businesses.

Pricing: $60 per person for up to 10 people, available Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 6:30pm

The Business Immersion Program includes the following perks:

Designated working area for groups of up to 10 people
Tour of One Roof
Dedicated One Roof host for the day
Use of meeting rooms upon request
High speed wi-fi network
Kitchen access including coffee, tea, fridge space
Facilitated introductions to One Roof members
Optional mastermind session held from 12-1pm where both One Roof members and your employees have the opportunity to meet each other, share a business challenge and seek advice from the group
Participate in any events / workshops hosted on the day. If you choose to work from One Roof on a Friday you will have the opportunity to join our community for Wine Down with wine and nibbles from 4:30pm.

We can customise this program according to your specific needs

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