When co-founders Sheree Rubinstein & Gianna Wurzl were introduced, they hit it off with the first coffee. This ex-lawyer & senior strategist shared a passion to empower & support women to truly thrive. Together, they co-founded One Roof in early 2015 with a vision to build the largest global network of female entrepreneurs.

In less than 2 years they tested the One Roof concept, a hub for women, in four cities across Australia and the USA, hosted 500+ educational events and engaged and supported 10,000+ women globally. 

One Roof has become Australia's leading co-working space dedicated to women-led business. This means businesses with a female founder, cofounder, CEO and / or has a core value of gender equality or promoting women. 

In April 2016 One Roof settled into its new home in Southbak. Thanks to the support of Central Equity and Optus One Roof occupies over 1000sqm of space having doubled in size within 4 months. We are currently home to 73 businesses across a range of industries including tech, gaming, fashion, finance, health, wellness, education and recruitment. With a large event space that can accomodate up to 300 people, One Roof has positioned itself as the go-to for all events focused on women in entrepreneurs, leadership and business. 

One Roof is so much more than a co-working space.  

One Roof has morphed into an entire ecosystem, supporting women & girls at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey. Access to a carefully designed & affordable shared workspace, targeted business support including accelerators & masterminds, meditation, yoga & mindfulness activities, curated connections to a global community & access to high class mentors & experts are just a sampling of what One Roof has to offer.

One Roof is THE space, community & support system for aspiring & established female entrepreneurs. Run by women for women. We just get it. 

A big thank you to our corporate supporters who, without them, One Roof wouldn't exist as it is today and wouldn't be able to have the impact it is currently having on the startup ecosystem particularly for women-led businesses.